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Manage your property

SPATZIOO is the property management company developed by IMPACT Developer & Contractor and the official broker for residential and commercial rentals.

Thus, the SPATZIOO team of professionals, with its own employees, dedicated to IMPACT projects, manages the entire logistics of managing a property, whether we are talking about an apartment, house, office or commercial space.

With SPATZIOO, the owner maximizes his rental profit by optimizing costs and limiting losses, gains time that he can use in personal or business interests, and no longer worries about the maintenance of his property.

SPAZIOO prepares all materials for listing the property for rent, finds the tenant, takes care of all legal aspects, maintenance and cost optimization.


SPATZIOO, your partner!


We promote properties

We take care of marketing the properties in the portfolio to find tenants quickly.


We handle the legal aspects

The legal team makes sure all the paperwork is in order to secure the tenancy.


We check the property

We periodically check the integrity of the property and ensure that it is being used properly.


We optimize costs

Through regular utility cost checks, we ensure that there are no losses.


We take care of rent payment

We make sure the rent is paid on time so the landlord doesn't have to worry about it.


We provide maintenance

During or after the rental, we ensure the maintenance of the properties.