Renting properties - One step ahead the volatility of the economy

Datetime 07-11-2022


1. Analysis of the purchase decision in the real estate field

2. The evolution of residential real estate market in Bucharest

3. SPATZIOO, the official broker of the real estate developer IMPACT Developer & Contractor

Contemporary society is developing in times with dynamics that are difficult to anticipate, and if until now, buying an apartment seemed to be a more profitable investment than renting, now the situation has taken a different turn.

1. Analysis of the purchase decision in the real estate field

Romanians have a sense of ownership, being used to owning the apartments they live in, but with the passage of time, people's mentality changes. The new generation wants flexibility and is oriented towards different investments, towards new experiences and towards not being tied to a home, a real estate loan or investments.

At the same time, since the beginning of the real estate crisis in 2009, the perception of buying a home as a stable investment has also changed for people with a high standard of living. Buying an apartment requires a significant capital investment, time and ability to analyze the purchase criteria, and people who make this choice without taking into account many aspects related to the credibility and experience of the developer, area, facilities, may have surprises less pleasant

At the same time, the capital used to acquire properties could be invested in other areas that could generate a higher profit or added value on a personal and professional level.

In the case of rent, one can talk about greater financial freedom, which allows enterprising people to develop areas and aspects of life that would otherwise be ignored due to lack of liquidity.

The decision to rent a property, rather than buy it, is not exclusively an investment decision, but we achieve a lot if we look at it from this point of view. The profit we think we are getting when we buy an apartment is actually the amount we save on rent and the taxes and fees that the state imposes on the property, or associated costs. Therefore, owning an apartment is not the right solution for everyone, as in some areas renting might be the smartest move.

2. The evolution of the residential real estate market in Bucharest

As an example, we can offer the city of Bucharest, which occupies the second place, after Cluj-Napoca, in the ranking of the highest prices (relative to their average) required for apartments put up for sale in the big cities.

According to a study carried out by, in the capital, the most expensive apartments are found in the central and ultra-central areas, and the average listing value is 2,483 euros per usable square meter, after a quarterly advance of 4.4% and an annual of 13.6%.

In semi-central areas, such a home is sold for 1,763 euros per square meter, after an increase of 1.4% in three months and 10.4% in 12 months, respectively, and on the outskirts of the city, the average price requested by sellers it is 1,454 euros per usable square meter.

Bucharest is one of the largest economic centers in the country, and the real estate market is in continuous development. Thus, real estate investments are visible with the naked eye everywhere in the metropolis, from offices, commercial spaces, residential complexes or even gigantic spaces for the production and processing of goods.

Among them, there is the Luxuria Residence complex, a place where businessmen or successful people choose to rent apartments, as it is located in the new business pole of Bucharest. Moreover, being located in the northern area of ​​the capital, the residential complex offers connectivity to all points of interest in the city.

3. SPATZIOO, the official rental broker of the real estate developer IMPACT Developer & Contractor

The Luxuria Residence complex, developed by IMPACT Developer & Contractor, is the first residential project in the country certified with BREEAM Excellent. Buildings designed according to these international sustainability standards have a low impact on the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

SPATZIOO handles the rental of the apartments in the residential complexes owned by IMPACT Developer & Contractor. Through a very user-friendly web platform, SPATZIOO makes available to its customers a series of apartments for rent, which can be viewed quickly, as they can be filtered according to the characteristics and preferences of future tenants.

At the same time, the process of renting an apartment through the web platform is very easy. As the official residential rental broker, SPATZIOO manages the entire logistics of renting an apartment: prepares all materials for listing the property for rent

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