Renowned developer in Romania

Datetime 07-11-2022

An increasingly important aspect in recent years, which gives confidence to potential buyers, is the reputation of the real estate developer, which is at the top of the criteria in choosing a new home. In recent years, buyers have realized how important the reputation of the developer is. A good reputation, respectively, an experience proven by successful residential complexes is a guarantee of the observance of the promises and the quality of the project, becoming the developer's business card. In addition, an experienced real estate developer knows how to adapt the residential complex to the needs of buyers and create an efficient compartmentalization, a solid and sustainable construction, as well as a community.

IMPACT Developer & Contractor is present on the real estate market since 1991, being the first real estate developer in Romania. After 4 years since its establishment, IMPACT launched in Romania the concept of "residential complex", by building the Alfa compound in Bucharest consisting of 40 luxury villas. Less than a year after the start of the project, the company was listed on the Bucharest stock exchange Romanian, being the first representative in the real estate sector to achieve this performance.

In 1998, the projects continue with the development of another compound with 70 villas, in Pipera. The investments were also moved to Constanta, where the Boreal complex was built, with 151 villas. Impact manages in 2005 to start a project with 298 villas, in the Europa neighbourhood of Oradea.

In 2007, IMPACT started to build the largest residential complex in the north of Bucharest – GREENFIELD Băneasa. Surrounded by over 900 hectares of forest, the complex currently brings together over 6,000 residents who enjoy green spaces, tranquillity, fresh air, hypermarkets, children's playgrounds and soon strip mall and wellness club.

In 2018, the developer raises and starts the Luxuria Residence project in Bucharest, an upper-midscale residential complex with 630 apartments, green spaces, playground for children, reception, lounge and fitness center.

In 2020, Impact kicks off the Boreal Plus project in Constanta, consisting of premium villas and apartments, spaces, green, playground, sports field, kindergarten and commercial spaces. The expansion continued with GREENFIELD Copou in Iasi, the largest sustainable residential complex in the Region of Moldova.

Impact's goal is to build communities, not just residential complexes. That is why the developer focuses on facilities, sustainability and wellbeing, with the aim of increasing the quality of life of residents. Thus, all assemblies authorized after January 1, 2021 are built to international standards of quality and energy efficiency, nZEB and BREEAM Excellent.

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